Dholer: Community Recovery in Pakistan

In Pakistan, our teams are using cash-based initiatives to help thousands of people rebuild their lives after devastating floods in 2010 and 2011. When we began recovery efforts in a village called Allah Rakhyo Jat in Thatta District, we met Dholer, a forty-two year old man who can’t hear or speak, and who was struggling to make ends meet after losing his home and source of income. Although he couldn’t hear what our teams were discussing with his fellow community members, he was able to use his skills with manual labor to help rehabilitate his village and earn money for food and materials to repair his damaged home. He was happy to participate in our cash for work program:

“I am a poor man. I along with my two brothers faced severe situations. We lost everything we had. Action Against Hunger helped us to stand tall again when we did not have enough to eat. Now, I am again working and making a living like I was before the floods.”

—Interpreted remarks from Dholer, 42 years old, Thatta District, Pakistan